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Item Number: A1

Product Name: Wall Aquarium

Description: State-of-the-art Acrylic Wall Aquarium can be placed on the wall,it is the ideal chioce if you want to save space, it will give you a pleasantly surprised when you pass a corner.

Dimension: 300x350x150mm

Thickness:  mm

Packing: Colour Box


Item Number: A2

Product Name: Heart-Shaped Aquarium

Description:Heart-shaped aquarium is the best gift for your lover. Close your eyes,just imagine that your sweet likes a fish live in your heart.

Dimension: 300x300x200mm

Thickness: 5mm

Packing: Colour Box


Item Number: A3

Product Name: Oval Aquarium

Description: Oval Aquarium likes an egg with four legs, very funny

Dimension: 250x250x120mm

Thickness: 5mm

Packing: Colour Box


Item Number: A4

Product Name: Pisciform Aquarium

Description:Pisciform Aquarium itself looks likes a fish,very wonderful

Dimension: 250x250x120mm

Thickness: 5mm