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Item 1 : GIV SOAP

GIV soap is a Beauty Soap made with natural ingredients and fine fragrance to nourish and keep the skin beautiful.

It contains natural moisturizer to keep the skin soft. Each variant is infused with unique fine fragrance that suits different personality. 80 gr Available in 6 variants and 55 gr available in 3 variants:

1.    Blue : Silky Skin "with soya bean extract" -  Soya bean extract is well-known for its benefit to make skin bright and smooth. With classic perfume for an elegant personality

2.    Brown : Beauty Skin "with golden honey" -  Golden honey gives a radiant glowing skin. With golden honey perfume for a confident personality.

3.    Green : Refreshing Beauty "with pearl extract"- Pearl extract contains natural sea minerals that cleanse your skin gently. With refreshing perfume for a dynamic personality.

4.    Pink : Sensuous Beauty "with rose oil" - Rose oil gives a luxurious and smooth skin feeling. With feminine perfume for a romantic personality.

5.    Purple : Exotic Beauty "with warm olive oil" -
Warm olive oil is rich in protein and natural oil ingredients, making your skin healthy and shimmering. With exotic perfume for an exotic personality.

6.    Yellow : Soft Cleansing "with toning curcuma"
-  Curcuma is well-known for its benefits of deep cleansing for a brighter skin. With energizing perfume for an energetic personality.

Product Variants Quantity Per Carton Carton Size(mm) Net Weight Per Carton Estomated Quantity per20'FCL
80 gr soap Pink/Blue/Yellow/Green/Brown/Purple 72 pieces 349x218x191 5.76Kg 2100 cartons
55 gr soap Blue/Pink/White 108 pieces      

 Item 2 :  Fres& Natural Soap

Fres & Natural Soap is made with Yogurt and Real Fruit Extracts for healthy and refreshed skin. Has a sweet fruity fragrance to keep skin smelling fresh all day. Available in 5 variants:

1.    Green : Toning 'with Melon & Cucumber extract'
2.    Red : Softening 'with Strawberry & Vanilla extract'
3.    Orange : Refreshing 'with Orange & Mango extract'
4.    Violet : Calming 'with Grape & Lychee extract'
5.    White : Balancing 'with Apple & Kiwi extract'

Products Variants Quantity per Carton Carton Size(mm) Net Weight Per Carton Estimated Quantity Per 20Fcl
70 gr soap Green/Red/Orange/Violet/White 72 pieces 360x140x170 5.04Kg 3300 cartons