Saro Chappathi



Saro Chappathis are flat unleavened breads. It is the most delicious and popular of Indian flat breads. These flat breads is believed to have found their name in the Dravidian era and was a recipe that was shared to the world through trade.


There are different versions of Chappathi today, but Saro brings you the oldest and the most authentic recipe in the book. Made out of whole wheat flour and heated on a tava, this filling staple food from Saro is a delicacy that goes well with any Vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish.


They are tasty and soft and Saro packaging ensures this taste and softness stays intact. 



Ingredients : Wheat flour, refined vegetable oil, water and salt

Packaging: 24 x 375 g (7" Dia, Half Cooked)