Saro Sambar Mix



Saro Sambar mix allows you to make authentic Indian Sambar in just a few minutes.


With very less preparation time, and the required set of fresh vegetables, this lentil based Saro Sambar mix allows you to quickly prepare and enjoy the staple curry found in most south Indian homes.


The variety of vegetables used in Saro Sambar distinguishes it from the rest. The tangy taste of this side dish is best served with rice or pancakes. Although there exist many varieties to the preparation of Sambar, Saro has ensured that it sticks to the basics, the original ingredients that made sambar a dish fit for kings.



Ingredients: Potatoes, onion, green chilli, lady's finger, beans, drum stick, tomato, brinjal, yellow pumpkin, cucumber

Packaging: 16 x 400 g