Diesel Concrete Cutter Machine


  1. Engine                       :VST 130DI Horizontal Cylinder Water Cooled Diesel engine
  2. Power                        :13 HP
  3. Blade Size                : 600 mm (24”) dia TO 1200 mm (48”)
  4. Standard Shaft        :100 mm dia with 300 mm dia flanges.
  5. Weight                       :400 Kgs (Approx)
  6. Size                            :1200 mm x 500 mm x 1200 mm


  1. Water cooled Diesel Engine.
  2. Due to the lower power of the engine for this purpose will reduce the output.
  3. Well balanced machine for minimum operator fatigue.
  4. Improved Water Dispensing system to ensure proper cooling of the blades.
  5. Better cooling means better performance and life of the Blades.
  6. Reduced Vibrations means faster cutting and better cuts with minimized chippings.
  7. Improved Blade Guard system to ensure the cleanliness of the machine components and protection to the operator from splashing of slurry.
  8. The blade is on the left side of the machine due to the starting handle location.

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