MATS Balck Steel Boltless Rack 6 Shelves

Boltless Racks for light duty storage with maximum capacity of 80kg/level, using
bolt free connection, it is easy to assemble and is highly versatile multi usage purpose.

Model: BS5000M

Size: 350mm (D) x 900mm(L) x 1800mm(H)

Color: Black

Use: Ideal storage solution for Banks Schools, Retail stores, Hospitals, Offices
Warehouses and many more
• Easy to install and dismantle
• No bolt and nuts
• More “Key Holes” means More Level
• Epoxy power coating for protect  against 
  corrosions and scratches
• Freely adjustable
• Hold up to 80kg of UDL per level
• Steel Decking
• Imported product
• Reinforced design

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