Plastic Thermal Insulated Box

Our Thermal Insulated Box inner core is filling with "Polyurethane" (PU) as to maintain the temperature inside. These boxes utilize an advance foam-in-place Polyurethane (PU) insulation technology. The outer layers are also made of proven quality PE (Polyurethane) polymers, which are Non-Toxic, Food Grade and Sunlight (UV) Resistant. These boxes are Rust & Rot Free, Long Lasting, Extremely Strong, Easy to Handle, Maintain and clean. One piece seamless moulded with an excellent adhesion between the internal PU & external PE providing maximum thermal insulation. The smooth seamless surface also allows easy maintenance and cleaning.


Fishery Industries
Ice Cube Industries
Food/Hawker Stalls
Leisure & Social Activities

AL50 HD (50litre)

External dimension: 630mm x 380mm x 320mm
Internal Dimension: 555mm x 315mm x 270mm 

AL100 HD (100litre)

External dimension: 820mm x 465mm x 455mm
Internal Dimension: 690mm x 395mm x 360mm

AL200 HD (200litre)

External dimension: 975mm x 580mm x 615mm
Internal Dimension: 850mm x 515mm x 500mm

AL350 HD (350litre)

External dimension: 1180mm x728mm x700mm
Internal Dimension: 1008mm x 618mm x 590mm

AL600 HD (600litre)

External dimension: 1230mm x1025mm x 760mm
Internal Dimension: 1150mm x 945mm x 565mm

AL1000 HD (1000litre)

External dimension: 1480mm x1145mm x 1015mm
Internal Dimension: 1390mm x 1055mm x 775mm

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