SARO Arecanut

Arecanut, the fourth most common addiction globally following tobacco, alcohol and caffeine, is estimated to be used by 600 million people, particularly among South, East and South-east Asian communities. Stimulate to product more salaiva that help digestion of food. It is considered to be a ‘fruit of divine origin’ in Hindu religious ceremonies, as it is a vital ingredient of idol worship. In southern Asia, it is perceived to have medicinal values, including as an aphrodisiac, breath-freshener and with digestive properties. It is common practice to offer these products to guests in important social gatherings, weddings and other religious events.39 This habit is widely accepted among all strata of society, including vulnerable populations such as women and children, making this habit a significant part of the cultural and ethnic identity.

Packing Details
QUANTITY: 5000 KG (50 KG BAGS (10 X 5 KG BAGS)

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